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flaming sugar cubes

THE LOLI. She likes starting things but never finishing them. She also likes small, furry animals, internet quizzes, roleplaying, and shiny icons. Since she can't describe herself more, here are some people's opinion about her:

"WHAT CAN BE SAID ABOUT POPTART. She is adorable. I envy her hair. She is the sweetest, most supportive friend anybody could ask for, even if she doesn't recognize it in herself yet. ♥ Her fangirling is fantastic and she is really smart. And cute. And has good taste in animu. And like. Everything. Ever. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO GOOD THINGS I COULD SAY." - Maddie, that cute RPer. Yes, that one.

"Kat is the most fabulous of the fabulous Poptarts. She is sweet and adorable and has better taste in manga than you. When she grows up, she will become a dominatrix with princess curls that is world-famous. Everyone should love her forever because she is cooler than you." - Adeline "Sparklemotion" Battour, that chick with the fabulous hair.

Kaze to Ki no Uta Arion Rosemarine