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flaming sugar cubes
21 December 2035 @ 01:58 pm
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♦ Friend this journal, if you wish. New friends are awesome, of course! I'd prefer new friends than stalkers any day! (ahem) But if you feel stalking is better, go ahead.

♦ I'm prone to ranting, though, and stupidity, and this journal's rarely updated because I, well, do other stuff in Eljay. :D

editted last auguste 03, 2009; yes, before you ask, that is Auguste Beau as my banner. he's pretty shut up.
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flaming sugar cubes
22 November 2020 @ 07:41 pm


flaming sugar cubes
29 September 2012 @ 05:35 pm
♥ = I just know of it.
♥♥ = Watched/read some of it/played/finished it.
♥♥♥ = It was okay.
♥♥♥♥ = ...this is good. o_o
♥♥♥♥♥ = sjaksjaklsjak words cannot describe how i loved this. ;_;

INCOMPLETE - opinion might change because I haven't exactly finished it. :/
COMPLETE - lol, my opinion won't change.

list # 1Collapse )

coming soon. ♥

coming soon. ♥
flaming sugar cubes
04 February 2012 @ 04:27 pm
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flaming sugar cubes
05 May 2011 @ 04:37 pm
Painting the Fortcastle Red and Blue
(Alternatively Homosexuals Doing Homosexual Things and Not A Slumber Party)


“—and then, Nicolas Cage pushed his wife and started causing a public disturbance and got himself arrested! I think he deserved it because you are not supposed to treat your wife that way, even if you are a fantastic acto—”

“Egbert, I could not give less of a shit about your fucking homo crush on Nicolas Cage and the fact that he got himself arrested because he’s a gigantic dumbass. I can’t even spare you half a shit or a quarter of a shit; all of my shits and fucks have been thoroughly distributed to charities in need of them, such as my homework and romance movies and various other ones that aren’t this one. You can shove chunks of fiber inside my system and it still wouldn’t be able to shit you even a tiny piece of fuck that would care about fucking Nicolas Cage and his shitty fucking life.”

“Oh, um, ew.”

“Anyway, is this the super awesome fucking fruity fortcastle homoasshole adventure you were raving about? Are we done pointlessly discussing various celebrities and their dick sizes?” “Uh.” “Can we finally move on to phase two also known as the things that I might actually mildly enjoy, and given that I’m with you, things that wouldn’t compell me to break your fucking glasses for the umpteenth fucking time this week, or is this the only thing we’re going to do in here? Clock’s ticking, Egbert, and there is Charms reviewing to be done if I want to avoid Strider and his fucked-up sex toys.”

“Okay, god! I made a list of fun fortcastle activities we can both enjoy. Let’s see…”

> John: Consult The List


You are so prepared for this shit, it’s not even funny. The word funny itself might surrender its comedic and whimsical ways for a few split seconds to commend you on your preparedness. That is how well-equipped you are right now.

After countless hours of flipping through both wizard and muggle magazines about beds and kids and beds with kids and other fort related and kind of sleepovery but not really reading material, and your distinguished, genre savvy-educated filter, you put together a comprehensive list to organize the fun journey you and Karkat are going to embark on together. An adventure full of fun and friendship.

To accompany your list, you made a built-in Karkat Satisfaction meter in your brain to track progress.


Current Karkat Satisfaction: Less Than Average

> John: Do the first item on the list: Magic Tricks!


You decide to friendwoo Karkat with your awesome magic tricks, secrets passed on from generation to generation in your family. No matter how perfectly you execute your tricks, Karkat merely looked bored and mildly annoyed (though that might just be his normal face) while you were doing it. Actually, that was extremely rude. You like your magic tricks!

Current Karkat Satisfaction: Same As Before But With A Dash Of Boredom

You really need to kick it up a notch.

> John: Kick it up a notch by playing Twister.


You think after jumping the flaming hurdles of getting Karkat to play without him flinging several books, pillows, curse words (“HOW MANY FUCKING TIMES DO I HAVE TO FUCKING TELL YOU I AM NOT GOING TO PLAY TWISTER YOU USELESS PIECE OF SHIT”) and metaphorical poop at you, and convincing one of your dormmates to assist you (“Twister? Really? Weirdos.”), it would be smooth driving by then. Obviously you thought wrong. Karkat’s Satisfaction gauge and your dignity have been mercilessly shot down by a rifle named right ear on green circle.

You ask yourself why you even thought of this in the first place. You are so stupid.

Current Karkat Satisfaction:i’d rather not talk about it.

This is sad and pathetic but you are not going to give up.

> Karkat: Stop putting up with Egbert’s bullshit.

You are so done with Egbert’s bullshit. You decide doing homework and avoiding the little fuckstick should’ve been your first priority instead of this shitty slumber fortshit. His retardation alone can mass murder more brain cells than a year’s supply of alcohol and quite possibly head trauma. Prolonged exposure to him was probably the reason he managed to hypnotize you into this. Well, that, and honey cake, of course, but you’ve still yet to find out if that was actually a slanderous statement after all.

You are leaving right this instant.




“Oh crap, are you leaving?”


“No, Karkat, I prepared so much stuff. We are not even done with the list yet! The next one is going to be fun for you, I promise.” He holds onto your hand tighter and you swear the little moron’s going to cry. You suddenly understand everything.

> Karkat: Have a convenient flashback about why John is suddenly overcompensating.


Yeah, uh.

This was... most certainly a fucking thing that happened during the fucking dance while both of you were fucking drunk (because of a couple of fucking douchebags spiking the fucking punch) in front of a lot of fucking people and fucking Kanaya and fucking Professor fucking Douchebag fucking Strider who took a bunch of fucking voyeuristic pictures.

To add insult to injury, neither of you could fucking remember.

You hate that Drunk Pasthole more than you could ever hate the other ones.

Moving on.

> Karkat: Yeah okay fine stay with the little fuckwit.

You throw your hands up in the air in exasperation and sit the fuck down next to him.



“Dude, you will love this next activity, I promise.”

You have no idea what kind of mortifying torturing activity is next but it’s better to get it over with than let it drag along. You can’t help but associate that previous statement with suicide.


> John: Stop being Karkat.


You break the fourth wall for a second to boggle at these narrating shenanigans. You are quite certain you are and have never been and never will be Karkat Vantas, because you are John Egbert. You are so positive you are John Egbert. The tag on your underwear can attest to this.

> John: Disregard Fourth Wall. Romance novel time is a go.


You whip out his favourite romance novel “Sands of Time”. You also give him a slice of his favourite honey cake you were saving for later because obviously you needed to make up for the earlier twister accident. You skipped over truth or dare by doing that, but whatever; the point of this is for the two of you to have fun and Karkat is not having fun so you are going to fix that.

You wonder what he is reading. You are too busy watching the expressions he makes to pay attention. The tiny smiles that slip through are the most gratifying to see because they are adorable. Karkat is always the most adorable. You have decided this since your First year when he declared his unbridled lust for you or something. Sometimes you just want to push him down and eat him up—

Okay, yeah, whoa, probably not push him down and eat him up. That was, um. That was kind of gay. Maybe eat him up heterosexually.

Current Karkat Satisfaction: Through the Roof Fuck Yes Johnster You Are On a Roll

You take a glimpse of what he is reading.



Oh wow.


You are 100% sure this is 100% homosexual.

Current Karkat Satisfaction: Still Through the Roof

Current John Satisfaction: At Least The Cake Is Good Holy Shit You Are Eating Cake

> John: Move on to the last item on the list.



“Hell no,” Karkat says, pouting like a tiny adorable puppy. Oh man, a Karkat puppy would be adorable. You would like a Karkat puppy to go along with your usual Karkat. It would be like having good fries for free going along with your favourite good burger except you can have them for more than a few minutes and also they won’t make you fat.

Karkat,” you whine. You point at the unchecked box in the parchment and the way it mocks the both of you, the way the possibilities are just taking a back seat because Karkat didn’t have the heart of an adventurer. Karkat remains unfazed. This baffles you.

“John, the whole point of this was to find an activity that wouldn’t urge me to punch you in the face. There’s no point in digging buried treasure if the fucking treasure chest is already grabbing you by the neck and calling you a dumbass.” Man. He is so rude. You merely roll your eyes at his rude metaphor.

“But what if there’s better buried treasure underneath all the sand? Maybe the first one was just a distraction!”

“You’re a gigantic dumbass.”

“I know.”

He rolls his eyes in acquiesce. That is how Karkat agrees to stuff. Fuck you means I like you and fuck you more means I love you, except when he’s talking to Eridan.


“What the fuck are these?”

“Uh, playing cards?” Duh, Karkat, duh.

“I know that, dipshit. I meant, what are these for?”

Oh, that made sense, but you were going to explain anyway. Karkat needs to hold his damn horses. “Well, the rules for Egbert truth or dare are: We take turns picking up cards! If one of us picks up a red card, then I have to pick truth or dare. Black, you. Simple? Do I need to explain it again?”

Karkat just snorts at that. That means ‘Egbert you are probably mentally retarded and should have your brain checked’ also known as ‘nah’.


You flip a coin to decide who should pick up a card first. Tails, so Karkat. You point at him in a way not very different from a jazz singer in a sleazy bar that’s eventually going to get forced to bankruptcy, and he flips you the bird but picks up a card nonetheless.



Karkat looks bored as he scans the rest of the fortcastle. You decide this is going to be easy, until an uncharacteristic and slightly terrifying smirk appears on Karkat’s face. Then your confident mood turns switches to “oh shit”. Karkat points at the honey cake.

oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god

“I dare you to eat the rest of it.”


“But it’s huge! And it’s only a quarter eaten! I have to eat like three fourths!”

Karkat rolls his eyes. “Fuckass. This was your idea. Fine, don’t eat the goddamn cake. At least I’d be able to walk away with the satisfaction that this stupid thing ended early because of you.”

You gulp and decide which weighs more: your awesome sleepfortcastle over with Karkat or your hatred of cake.

> John: Eat the cake.


This is how much you love Karkat.

Karkat is laughing at you. What a huge douchenozzle.

Current Karkat Satisfaction: High Because He Loves Laughing At Your Pain Because He Is An Asshole

> Karkat: Take pity on the poor Egbert.


After all the bullshit he put you through? Nah. The little fucker deserves it. Watching him suffer with that delicious pastry is extremely fun to watch. This is only karma at work. Justice, even. This is…

“Haraghsshkat, um omost done.”

This is maybe not quite as satisfying as you wanted it to be. Fucking Egbert and your goddamn feelings for him, you swear to god the only person dumber than him is you, solely for falling in love with him in the first place. One of these days you are going to push him off a bridge, and all of your problems will magically be solved. For now, you swallow your pride.

“Put the cake down, fuckass.”

“Wo, I’m omost—”

“I SAID PUT IT DOWN, SHITHEAD! Put the cake down unless you want me to bash you on the head with it because the last thing I fucking need would be dragging your dumb ass to the Hospital Wing for choking on a goddamn cake.”

He finally puts the cake down. You can’t believe he tried to shove the whole thing down his throat in a few bites. Then again, this is John you’re talking about, and the one thing you know about him is that his stupidity urges him to do things that are impossible for the human psyche to even begin to fathom. He gulps on the rest of the Kool Aid (a drink just about as dumb as he is) and picks up the next card.

“Um, me again.”

He stares at you. You stare at him. He stares at you harder. How is that even possible? The look on his face is stupid (and unbelievably adorable, he’s always adorable except for the times he ends up incredibly infuriating, which is all the time), as if he’s questioning reality itself about why people don’t get “cool telepathic powers”. You are certain this is what he is thinking about, because it is a stupid thing to think about.

“Well?” he says, eyebrows raising. What.

“Well what!?”


He is making hand gestures. Dear Lord. What the fuck is he doing?

“T-Tonight you’re hoping to find a way to convert stupidity into a measuring scale so you can break your own world record? Today the atmosphere is at a hundred and five degrees Egbert; grab your umbrellas and enjoy the wonderful beach day and mass brain cell suicide weather!”

“No, Karkat, truth or dare!”

“It’s your turn, fuckass!”

“No, no, you have to tell me.”

“Why the fuck do I have to tell you!? You already know!”

“Because it would negate the point of playing a game together!”

“Fine, truth or dare!?”

“Oh man, I don’t know what to pick.”

Fuck him.

“Fuck you.”

“Um, truth!”


“Okay. I’m going to put you in a hypothetical situation. Remember, there is no such thing as a right or wrong answer in a hypothetical situation, just an incredibly dumb Egbert.”

“Hey! I know what hypothetical questions mean, geeeez.”

“I was just being considerate, fuckass. “Hypothetical” is a five syllable word so I wasn’t sure if you knew what it meant. Anyway, this question is unbelievably easy and cliché, so easy in fact that even a five year old homo habilis caveman and Gamzee could answer it: If you were stuck in a desert island forever, and you were allowed to take one person with you, then who will that person be? No bullshit answers like Rambo so you can use him as a raft towards civilization or Matthew McConaughey so you can suck his cock while slurping a delicious similarly white coconut liquid with it. Just the person who you’d want to be with the most.”

You have to admit you’re kind of sort of perhaps maybe super interested in his possible answer. You know you’re just setting yourself up for another heartbreak but you don’t really care. That fucker already stomps on your heart and tapes it together again on a daily basis that your gradually degeneration to pessimism did a double reach-around and turned into complete and unabashed optimism. Fuckass. The little idiot is scratching his head. He’s probably too busy focusing on the part about sucking Matt McConaughey’s dick to pick up the pace.

“Um, well I don’t know! Can’t I just bring all my friends and Dad and Uncle Sleuth and have a sweet island beach party?”

You resist the urge to bash your head on the stack of books right in front of you. You fail to resist the urge. Bash. Bash. Bash. Bash. John is giving you a funny look, and also why are there stupid ducks dancing around your face? Fuck that shit, you decide you already hate them because they’re stupid. Like John. John is a retarded dizzy duck.

“Karkat are you… okay?”

“No, fuckass, I’m not okay, I will never be okay because what fucking part of taking one person don’t you fucking get? You can’t have a fucking beach party because fuck you. That’s not how this works.”

“Um, fine, fine! I guess one of my best friends.”

You attempt to bash your head on the stack of books right in front of you again.

“Stop! God! Fine! You!”

You attempt to bash your—wait, what?



Silence. You realize that’s all he had to say. You marvel at his eloquence, and by marvel you mean you deeply consider the amazing act of, once again, bashing your head on the stack of books right in front of you. Egbert fidgets. You would like to fidget his neck. Yes, you’re pretty sure that didn’t make sense. No, you do not give a shit.

“I mean… I guess it would be nice having you around? You always take care of me, and I like being with you so you are pretty much all I need to survive in an island!”

No homo your ass. You’re… glad he said “you”, though. Well, glad, and slightly infuriated because he really needs to stop frolicking in la-dee-da heteronarnialand. You are pretty sure he’s a local there already. All Hail Egbert, god of the Egyptian rivers and dusty feather boas.


“What? What does that mean?”

“It means I’m thinking, asshole. Okay. My turn.” You pick up a card, and oh look, a black card. You brace for Egbert impact. He is giving you a wide, nerdy grin and you almost want to kill yourself because this is going to be horrible.

“Truth or dare!”

“Truth, because I’m not a dumbass like you.”

> John: Bring up kissy thing.


W… Why would you do that?

(And… what’s up with that picture anyway? You are positive that that picture is not even close to an accurate portrayal of the kissy thing at all, even if you can’t even remember it! There is no way you guys left the ball and had a sloppy, shoujo manga slash romance movie-style make out under the rain. You are especially sure Karkat’s shirt wasn’t off. You guys are 13 and 14 years old, goddamnit, this is child porn!)

You guys are faring so well even without the kissy thing being brought up! All the kissy thing does is ruin lives. You guys are better off ignoring the kissy thing forever, because it was just a bad decision anyway, and you guys were drunk so it doesn’t count that much. You should just sweep this under the rug and quit while you’re ahead. Except you know Karkat is probably still bothered by it, what with his old and possibly not dead yet crush on you. You are sure this is going to be brought up when shit hits the fan at some point, so you’d rather get this over with in a less stressful environment. John Egbert is afraid of the kissy thing, but because he is a man, he will tug this problem from its roots.

You take a deep breath.

“Karkat, are you okay?”

Karkat gives you a look that, once again, questions your mental assets. You are sad you don’t have cool telepathic powers, because saying these things is already hard enough as it is.

“What kind of dumbshit question is that?”

Inhale. “Are you okay?”

“What the fuck, John? Of course I’m okay, shithead. Why wouldn’t I be? Besides the fact I could be doing more productive things, and you, I’m perfectly fine. This is a good waste of a question.”

“No, I don’t mean that. I mean…” You inch closer to him, close enough to feel his hot breath against your skin. You stare at his red eyes, and he stares at you back, his own orbs widened in surprise and a tiny blush across his cute cheeks. You don’t know how, but you could feel gears move and finally click in his mind. He feigns any knowledge of this, however, but you know better.

“What do you mean, fuckass?” This time, his tone is softer. He’s not yelling anymore. He’s… bracing for impact, because you realize this is a topic that is probably more sensitive to him than it is to you. You know he probably already tried to sweep it under the proverbial rug, but it couldn’t fit, or maybe because he couldn’t bear to do it. You resist the urge to kiss his pain away then and there, and you succeed just barely, but you reach out for his arm instead. The times you’ve wanted to do that is too often for your liking already.

“You know, the thing.”

“What thing?”

You look away and bite your lower lip.

“Look, Karkat…”

“No, John, just… shut up, all right? I know what you want to talk about, and I know you don’t want to talk about it either. Well, me neither. So let’s just… let’s just forget this stupid thing ever happened, okay? We were both drunk. We were stupid. You probably thought I was a girl or something.” He pouts and you feel like your heart break just a little bit.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Karkat, that’s not true, you’re the only person I would want to kiss, ever and I love you a lot, is what you wanted to say, but because you’re dumb, you end up quiet instead. You don’t know what to say. You don’t know what to do. You should’ve planned this earlier.

“Do you regret it?”

“I can’t even remember, you stupid fuck, but yes, that drunk pasthole is the biggest pasthole I’ve ever had the displeasure of hating. The only person I hate more than myself is that stupid fucking asshole.” He wants to say something, but shrugs and ends up mumbling something else instead.

Current Karkat Satisfaction: He’s Really Sad Now Fuckstick Do Something

“What was that?” You inquire about the grumbling. He hesitates for a second, and then asks: “This is probably stupidly obvious, but do you regret it too?”

Wow, yeah, you have no idea how to answer that. Maybe it’s time to finally be honest to yourself, and more importantly, Karkat. Maybe it’s time to stop thinking about your heterosexuality and denial anymore; the gay chickens have already left the homosexual coop with a fabulous cluck. This is the gayest it’s going to get, John. There’s no way you can come back to the closet because sorry, it’s kind of full now! Overload, overload, way too many jackets! It’s going to explode, so there’s no more room for thirteen year old boys! The boy you like is pouting outside so why would you want to visit Narnia anyway!

Okay. Okay. This is harder than you think, but it’s time to grab that weighing scale again! Which weighs more, your love for Karkat or your pride? Ha ha, this shouldn’t even be a question.

Karkat has made you happier more than anyone other than your other three best friends ever could on multiple occasions. Karkat has helped you with your homework. Karkat has saved you from other assholes that bullied you in your First Year. Karkat has provided you a shoulder to cry on more than once. Karkat has backed you up several times when you’ve done something stupid. He has always been there for you.

(And you’ve always been there for him. You mother him when he’s sick. You crawl in his bed and hug him when he has nightmares. You help him with him homework. You listen every time when he has something to say. You drag him out of the book pile and teach him to have fun. You don’t do these things because you have to, but because you want to. You love seeing him smile, even if he calls you a fuckass.)

“No. The only things I regret about it are how it made you sad, and how I can’t remember a damn thing. I already told you; it was my first kiss! It sucks that I can’t remember it at all. Can I get a coupon for another one?”

This, coupled with the lack of space between the two of you, causes Karkat’s face to turn bright red and his mouth agape, wow, that is kind of super adorable. He shoves you off and you only chuckle at him. Gosh, he is just the cutest, most tsundere thing. (You think you are using the word tsundere right. Damn Japanese animes.) How does he even handle being this adorable?

“Fucking fuck fucking hell, John Egbert, you are going to be the death of me. Stop leading me on, asshole.”

“I’m not! I still want that kiss.”

“Fuck you.” He gives you the finger and you grab his hand and lace your fingers together, and you swear his face can’t get any redder. Why are you so smooth, John Egbert?

“This is the last turn!” You pick up a card. Ace of Spades. Oh. Oh, a black card. Hell to the fucking yes.

“Truth or dare, Karkat?”


You give him the liniest lineface you could ever muster. He gets the cue because Karkat is telepathic like that.

“Fine, asshole, dare!”

“Oooookay, Karkat Vantas, I dare you to let me kiss you.”

Karkat’s jaw drops. He is probably wondering where the flying fuck that came from. You actually don’t know either! But you know you want it. You are going to get that coupon, goddamnit.

“You can walk away if you don’t want to. I’m not going to force you to kiss me.”

Karkat twitches, but the thing is… the thing is, the thing that makes your heart and flutter is, he stays. He looks unsure and his lips are trembling, but he’s definitely bracing for impact again. But this time in a good way! You don’t hesitate to move closer already, your hands secure on his waist. He stiffens up and similarly puts his hands on your shoulder, his fingers gripping them tightly. He is definitely forcing his eyes closed, as if he thinks if he opens them, you’d be gone and heterosexual again. I won’t, I promise, because I love you and I’ve always loved you and I’m only embracing that now.

“Get it over with, shithead. I don’t have all night.”

> John: Kiss Karkat like Dr. Venkman kissed Dana at the end of Ghostbusters, except with less marshmallows and more love.


You do just that, and oh god.

His lips are softer than you imagined, and he is the one fervently kissing you, almost desperately, as if he’s finally getting what he wants for after so long and you’re afraid of how true that actually is. He has a vice grip on your shoulders, and just oh god.

It’s not a perfect kiss. It’s not like one of those stories where Karkat’s saliva tastes like some sort of weird minty strawberry hybrid like his mouth was suddenly an air freshener (actually the only thing you can taste there is cake – ick!), and fireworks go off, and no story ever warned you about your noses getting in the way, and the teeth, oh god, you wonder why you guys have so many teeth, like what are they even for. The two of you have no idea what to do either. It’s not one of those things that you magically learn, contrary to what your movies have told you. You unconsciously study his movements; you tip your head sideward and gradually fall into some sort of kissing rhythm only you guys understand, which is comparatively so much better than the previous “just press your lips to wherever the fuck you want” method. Sometimes the weak telepathy between the two of you is useful for something. Again, it’s not a perfect kiss, but it is perfect for the two of you.

Current Karkat Satisfaction: Through The Fucking Galaxy Goddamn

You eventually break the kiss for, oh right, oxygen, and Karkat looks sad like his favourite song stopped playing and he won’t ever get to hear it again because someone destroyed the .mp3s or something, so you cup his face and press kisses on his lips. You are so happy you can do that now. You are going to make up for the lost time when you weren’t allowed to kiss him, which is the other thirteen years of your life. After bombarding him with kisses, Karkat looks at you like he’s simultaneously happy, angry and sad. You don’t even know how he managed to do that, but you’re in awe nonetheless.

“All right, shit for brains—John. Before this whole fiasco descends into hell, which I know it would because you’re a fucking idiot that never learned how to think because your parents always insistently bashed your hard skull against a table unless said table broke when you were a baby, I’ll have you know that I’m not just a bag of meat you can carry around and kiss whenever you want, okay? I don’t exist to exclusively satisfy your dick. Let’s put this on the table where we can both see it.”

You want to be offended. You really do. But you are way too happy right now to care about the way he dissed your Dad like that. He probably didn’t mean it anyway because he’s, well, Karkat. You move his hair out of his face and kiss his forehead. You have the cutest future boyfriend ever.

“I know! Geez, you say it like I am a manwhore or something.”

“Wouldn’t put it past you. You already spread seven types of Friendship Transmitted Diseases almost daily anyway.”

You eye roll the god of eye rolls. Any eye roll after this one is obsolete. You grab him by the waist again and push the two of you down next to the soft pile of pillows in your fortcastle.

> John: Initiate Feelings Jam.


“Egbert, this is the gayest fucking thing we will ever fucking do.”

“Oh, shut up and stop acting like a baby. We’ve done way gayer things earlier. This is just the fabulous icing on our homosexual cake. Anyway, if I’m going to be your boyfriend, then from now on, you need to understand that we’re a team. No more you can take care of yourself bullshit. Communication is important! We need to open up to each other or else this relationship is going to be short-lived.”

Karkat stares at you as if you suddenly grew another head, and he is actually attracted to it. “Wait, you’re my boyfriend now?”

This time it’s your turn to blush like a little girl. “Uh, keywords: If and going to be.”

“Wait, why is it in future tense?”

“Because I’m not going to jump into a relationship right ahead. I’m going to do this right. You said it yourself earlier; you’re not a bag of meat. You’re not some sort of sex toy for me to play with. You’re special. I need to take you to a movie, and we need to take a stroll at a park and go skiing and take long walks on the beach and everything!”

Karkat’s lips twitch. It forms a sort of smile, and it’s so precious, you return it with an even bigger one.

“So what happened to your I am not a homosexual horseshit?”

“I am not a homosexual, but I am a bisexual. Try using your brain, fucknuts.”

“Welcome to the world outside the shitty closet, then. Here’s your ticket to real life, please feel free to make an ass of yourself, preferably in front of a bunch of people and that dumbshit Strider and his dumber little brother.”

“You are so cute.”

“Fuck off.”

“I love you.”

There’s a huge pause, and you suddenly regret what you said earlier.

“…I love you too. But still, fuck off.”

You love him so much.

> John: Wake up.

Uh, whoa. You had this really gay dream with Karkat…


Oh. You guys must’ve dosed off during the feelings jam.



Someday, you will bring him flowers and take him to dancing. The two of you will grow old together; the people will change and the world will change and you will change, but one thing’s for certain: Your feelings for each other will not change unlike the rest of them. You don’t know anything about the future, actually, but if your feelings for him right now are to be believed, then, well, you will have to work hard to keep the fire burning.

But right now you gotta clean up this fort.
flaming sugar cubes
24 January 2011 @ 06:28 pm
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flaming sugar cubes
17 January 2011 @ 01:56 am
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flaming sugar cubes
16 January 2011 @ 11:53 pm
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